Trace the Ray – Part 9 (Extra: My Own Face Mesh!)

Hello trace-masters! I’m back with another cool study!

In this post, I will share my ray tracer outputs where the scene consists of my own face mesh and an HDR spherical environment light map.

Big thanks to Assoc. Prof. Yusuf Sahillioğlu for scanning my face with his cool 3D mesh creator camera, and exporting the final mesh in .ply format by applying some post-editing to the raw mesh. Unfortunately, the camera we used for this study was not able to produce textures. So, we will enlighten (and somewhat colorize) the face mesh by applying spherical environment mapping.

I have created a scene file similar to the ones used in Trace the Ray – Part 7 (Object Lights and Path Tracing), but this time using my own face mesh. Below are the results of this study:

My face mesh
900 MSAA, smooth, check the yellowish color reflected from the wall towards my left cheek.
900 MSAA, smooth, same mesh rendered from a different angle.

That’s the end of this short but cool study.

See you in the next posts!

Happy tracing!

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