Trace the Ray – Part 8 (Project: Bidirectional Path Tracing)

Hello trace-masters!

In this post, I will first give some information on indirect illumination in ray tracing and bidirectional path tracing algorithm, and then I will write about how I have implemented my term project, a naive version of the Bidirectional Path Tracing (BDPT) algorithm. Moreover, I will provide a comparison of my BDPT outputs with my ray tracer and path tracer outputs.

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Trace the Ray – Part 5 (HDR Rendering)

Hey trace-masters, High Dynamic Range rendering is here!

In my fifth assignment, my task was to implement:

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering capability, which includes
    • Exporting images as .exr files, and
    • Performing tonemapping operation to map HDR images to LDR (Low Dynamic Range), so that their approximate appearances can be shown on non-HDR screens.
  • Two new light types, which are
    • Directional light
    • Spot light

In this post, we will examine them together!

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