Global Game Jam 2019 – This Van of Mine

Hello there!

In this post, I will share the gameplay video of our game, “This Van of Mine”, and my feelings on my first attendance to the GGJ!

Here is the gameplay video of our game!

The gameplay video of our #GGJ19 game.

Do whatever it takes to build your home on wheels. Steal, craft, and travel the world in your home.

This is the gameplay video of our Global Game Jam 2019 game, “This Van of Mine”, where you steal components from houses to build your van. We have learnt many new things about game development, and had so much fun while developing our game during the three days of GGJ! Hope to meet at the next GGJ!

Music: Metallica – To Live Is To Die.
It is played by Kadir Cenk Alpay on the classical guitar.

Kadir Cenk Alpay
Emre Barış Coşkun
Cem Şahin

We have spent 3 days (except Friday night) at the GGJ centre with very little amount of sleep. Thanks to all the attendees who are kind and very helpful on any issue we run into during implementing our game, I had a great fun, and learnt many new details on Unity3D engine, by being a part of that beautiful event. I’m looking forward impatiently for the next GGJ!

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Here is us, as the team “AYFÖR NÖRDE?”, during #GGJ19 #ggjatom:

From left to right: Cem Şahin, Emre Barış Coşkun, Kadir Cenk Alpay.

And here is the logo of our team and game:

The cartoon and the phrase are the artworks of Yiğit Özgür.

Here is a screenshot from the crafting menu of our game, where the player can craft items to build her Van, using the materials that she has collected:

Crafting screen of our game.
GGJ atmosphere.
We were on the news!
We were also on Milliyet Ankara newspaper!
P.S: The name of our game is “This Van of Mine”. “Ayför Nörde” is our team name, actually. 🙂

See you in the next posts!

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