OpenGL Homework of “Introduction to Computer Graphics” Course – Fall 2023-2024

Hello again computer graphics masters!

In this post, I will write about the OpenGL homework Oğuz Hoca and I have prepared in the previous semester for the course Introduction to Computer Graphics, and showcase my implementation video.

Bunny Run – OpenGL with Programmable Shaders

The homework is about implementing an OpenGL game called Bunny Run. In this game, the
user controls a hopping bunny in the horizontal direction to capture the yellow checkpoints while avoiding the red checkpoints in an everlasting journey on a wide road to obtain a high score. The bunny continuously hops forward at an increasing speed, which makes it hard to keep the bunny alive as time passes in a round. Hitting one of the red checkpoints ends the round by making the bunny faint and lie down.

My implementation’s visual can be seen in the video below:

Hope you also had informative fun reading this blog post & watching the video!

See you in the next posts!

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